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May 14, 2008



The jars are so cute! How did you make the new labels?


I have those same jars and never even thought of making them over. I was going to put them in the yard sale!

How did you do the new labels?

That krylon plastic paint would fix the lids.


Love them!! Nice work! I don't have any great ideas for the lids either, but Sarah is right. The plastic spray paint does work really well. Good luck!


Cute jar labels - I have no idea for the lids either! That wool looks really lovely! I am sure it's worth it once you get it cleaned and carded you'll be so excited once you start spinning!


I love the jars, especially the one with the cherries. :) I can't wait to see what you come up with on the wool. There was a lady in our old neighborhood that raised goats and spun her own wool. I just loved looking at her equipment and how homespun it all was.


This is such a beautiful idea! Love the outcome :-)Ps! I found my way over to your looovely blog via Mama & Jack


Spray paint the tops!


Spray paint the tops!


Spray paint the tops!

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