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November 14, 2007



Yeah! I'm so glad you liked everything. You know I sent early so don't be rushing! (and normally I am NEVER early either!)

So glad you liked the tags, they really came out much cuter than I thought they would! I'll be making some for me, too. :)

Love the glass triangle! I'm so excited now!


Cindy Hamlin

The have faith is lovely. I love black and white and sheet music as a background. Too pretty!


You've been a great participant and it's been even better getting to know you as a friend as well along the way. I'm so glad you have enjoyed the swaps-I'm envious of your pretty garland and tags, and CAN"T wait to see your creation!

I tried coming up with something really different with mine as well--I'm still working on it though :)
xoxo lucy


I've been lucky enough to have Rebecca as a swap partner too. She is such a sweety! I love the triangle glass piece and can't wait to see your new creations!!

Vallen Queen

You guys are a really terrific team - everything the two of you make is gorgeous and enviable.

Leigh Ann

Love your goodies and your sneak peek. Can't wait to see what you sent Rebecca!

Cheers! LA

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